Joy Ice Creams | L C Java Potrait

Late Shri. L.C.Java

Founder of Joy

“The Father of The Indian Ice Cream Industry”

Joy Ice Creams | Rhythm House

The beginning


JOY’s Founder, Late Shri L.C. Java, a B.Sc. Honors in Geology and an assistant mines manager at Killick Nixon, went to London for training at the Cornwall School of Mines. A series of mine accidents led him to opt out of the mining industry. He enrolled himself at Blackpool School of Food Technology, where his course included a stint at the UK Ice Cream Alliances. After learning more about ice creams and their manufacturing process, he came back to India to start JOY Ice Creams. Mr. Java leased the basement at Rhythm House in Kala Ghoda for ₹12 a month, and the first ice cream company in India was born.

Joy Ice Cream in hand



As JOY grew over time, it eventually relocated to Worli, to No. 82 Annie Besant Road. This was the location of JOY's manufacturing and one of its original parlors. For the product's taste and quality alone, everyone adored JOY. The taste of JOY, the first homogenized ice cream, was self-explanatory.

Joy Ice Creams | Bombay



JOY had now made its mark in the Bombay market, and it had become a household name. In the early '60s, “The 1946 Heat Treatment Act” of the UK, which required all ice creams to be pasteurized and heat treated, was made mandatory in India. Known as the Prevention of Food Adulteration Act, Joy had already adopted the practice right from the company's inception in 1948. Highly conscious of health standards, JOY Ice Creams was also the only company to voluntarily follow the bacteriological standards accepted by international ice cream manufacturers. JOY was now awarded the Indian Standards (ISI) mark, which is the prevailing food standard developed by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), the national standards body of India. This was an honor to the company, as it was now recognized, and although the Indian Standards (ISI) mark was mandatory for a number of other products, it was not compulsory for food. This was an added feather in its cap, as JOY was among the first few food companies to get this certification. It was in this year that JOY decided to spread its wings and to move to Bangalore as well. It then set up and opened JOY Ice Creams (Bangalore), which was incorporated in 1966, and in 1967, they were in business in Bangalore.

Joy Ice Creams | Indian Standards Institution

Indian Standards Institution


One of the most eventful years was when JOY moved to a larger premise in Kandivali from its unit in Worli in Bombay. This was a much bigger premises, and this showed its growth from a simple basement to the factory at Kandivali. However, this was not all. JOY’s founder, the late Shri. L.C. Java, along with various other stalwarts from the dairy industry, were now the first founding board members for the formation of the Indian Standards (ISI) mark. Read more

Joy Ice cream in hand

Our Growth


The 1980s were a time for JOY to grow and increase its overall presence. They now went on to introduce some more brands, which went on to gain a strong presence and recognition in the markets: "Snoosh," “Big Daddy," “Nutty Delight," "Duet," and a few more. The early 80s were also the time when JOY was able to assist the board of the Indian Standards (ISI) mark in articulating the first set of rules thereafter to be set out as the standards under the Indian Standards (ISI) mark for India’s most loved desserts – Kulfi. JOY’s founder, with his knowledge, went on to contribute a great deal to the laws and regulations for the ice cream sector. Read more

Joy Ice Creams | Focus on Health

Focus on Health


JOY went on to introduce its first low-fat milk treat called "Slimmer,” which went on to receive much love. At such a time, there were no regulations set down for low-fat ice creams, and Slimmer created a new product category, and the founder was once again instrumental in setting out the guidelines under the then prevalent Indian Standards (ISI) mark. Joy also went on to launch a number of other products, including ghee, shrikhand, frozen yogurt, jams, and dessert sauces.

Joy Ice Creams in hand

The Father of The Indian Ice Cream Industry


Mr. L.C. Java was honored as the "Father of the Indian Ice Cream Industry" by the Karnataka Pradesh Hoteiliers Association, Bangalore. Mr. J.H. Patel (Karnataka minister for large and medium industries and power) conferred this honor on Mr. Java.

Joy Ice Creams spread

Reaching across the Indian Subcontinent


JOYs recognition was now spreading across the nation. They were the first to start a complete industrial franchising system in India. This was unheard of in the period, and JOY had been successful in building a strong presence across India with numerous franchisees across the nation.

Joy Ice Cream Ball

Your JOY, Your Trust

2000 - till date

JOY has grown from strength to strength; it has been a household name across the nation for decades. JOY has come to become synonymous with trust and pure happiness. People of almost all age groups are able to relate to JOY and its products. Some of the most well-known products include the JOY Ball, Cassata, and many more. JOY has been successful in building an industrial franchising structure like none other and has always been ahead of its times. Accolades has been a part of JOY all through its span so far, and the achievements of JOY have always stood out as aspirational.